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pumpkin patch
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Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Patch

It’s been the hottest of seconds since I last posted – I hate it! The last month has been absolutely insane and my blog time has seriously suffered. So massive apologies to all my bagel babes out there that have clearly been waiting day and night for another one of my posts. But back to reality. It’s every blonde girl’s favorite time of year. It’s fall, y’all. And I was so ready to hit the pumpkin patch despite the California heat. KB is always such a good sport and takes me to pick my pumpkins the old fashioned way every […]

gallery wall

5 Simple Steps to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

Ever since we moved in together, KB and I (okay – just me) have been slowly redecorating. Our bedroom was looking like it could use a liiiiittle face lift. My solution? Decorate that big blank wall! We’re renting an apartment in San Francisco so don’t hate on this paint color – mint green totally wasn’t my choice. The wall behind our bed definitely was in need of some TLC and a gallery wall was just the lovin it needed. Pick your prints. Besides seeing your gallery wall completed – this is totally the most fun part of the process! Picking […]

new cat

Meet My New Kitten!

It’s official. I’m a crazy cat lady. I’ve always been a pet person. I still remember when we got my puppy way back in middle school. An adorable shitzu named Milo. We unfortunately had to give him to family friends because he was too much work for our family of five. Puppies take a ton of energy and I was a spoiled eighth grader who left all the work to my mom. I’ve wanted another pet ever since. KB and I work full time and as much as we’ve always thought of ourselves as “dog people,” pups are needy. Let me […]

red bandana pins

3 Reasons to Wear Feminine Pins

I’m way behind on this trend – but pins are everywhere. There’s a plethora of pins on the market, but when I really set out to shop I struggled to find one thing: pins that were feminine. I’m definitely not a girly girl (my wardrobe is 90% black) but I’m obsessed with contrasting my all black everything with feminine accessories. I needed to find my perfect feminine pins and I totally lost my mind when I found these little gems from Red Bandana Pins. Express yourself! I think what I love most about pins as accessories is the ability to […]

lose weight

How to Lose Weight While on Vacation

I’ve been doing so much traveling lately and as I’ve bounced from city to city I’ve realized just how hard it is to stay healthy while on vacation. From sipping on way too many craft beers in Portland to all you can eat buffets in Mexico, I haven’t exactly been on top of my fitness regime. As KB and I have spent the better part of a month traveling I’ve found small ways to stay healthy – and even lose weight – while on vacation! Choose healthy foods (most of the time). Alright alright, I’m not saying to pass up on […]

quarter life crisis

The Story of my Quarter Life Crisis

Hello. My name is Kelsey and I’m having a quarter life crisis. I’m not sure I ever thought quarter life crises were a real thing. Or mid life crises. But if this week has convinced me of anything it’s that the quarter life crisis is real and oh em gee it’s happening to me right now. I want to preface this entire thing by saying I’m not after a pity party and that I’m well aware of how good I have it. I’m so lucky to live the life I live. I’m surrounded by amazing people who care about me. […]