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riu palace

Celebrating Our 3 Year Anniversary at Riu Palace!

KB and I celebrated our three year anniversary at the end of July! It’s seriously crazy to think three years have come and gone. We’ve been up and down the California coast and sunbathed in Positano. We’ve picked pumpkins and shucked oysters. It’s been awesome to have a best friend and partner to have life adventures with! As our anniversary approached we brainstormed ideas for how best to celebrate. While I’m always just as happy to hit up Capitola, we decided we needed a relaxing getaway instead. After a ton of research we opted to head to Cabo San Lucas […]

gym bag

How to Pack the Perfect Gym Bag

I am not a health nut and am definitely not a gym rat. A month ago I basically wouldn’t have been caught dead within 50 feet of a gym. I was an athlete in high school and although I gave that up once I hit college, I stayed active enough (and had great metabolism) that a gym wasn’t necessary. Flash forward to age 24 and my metabolism isn’t what it used to be. I am a full believer that life’s too short to not enjoy food – but exercise isn’t negotiable. I’ve been getting up early to hit the gym […]


5 Reasons Capitola is Northern California’s Best Kept Secret

Regular Blondes & Bagels readers already know I am obsessed with Capitola. This small town nestled next to Santa Cruz is seriously one of Northern California’s gems – and best kept secrets. Although this small beach town does gather a crowd on a warm day, it’s not necessarily the biggest vacation spot along the California coast. But it’s my favorite. The last time KB and I were in Big Sur area I had this childhood flashback of colorful houses and beach days with my cousins. A quick phone call to my parents confirmed that the town of my memories was actually […]

nordstrom early access

Christmas in July – the Nordstrom Early Access Sale!

Christmas came early this year, #BagelBabes. The Nordstrom sale is here – and it’s here early! One of my first posts ever was about last year’s annual sale and I’m back at it again with my top picks. There’s a ton to sort through, so I did it for you. Below are my top picks from the Nordstrom Early Access Sale – snag ’em before they sell out! Coats & Jackets  I struggle so hard finding jackets that I love that are worth the money. Outerwear is expensive! The Nordstrom Early Access Sale is the best time to snag a fall […]

new year

New Year Resolutions: Mid Year Check In

The fact that it is already July is insane to me. We’ve blown through half the year already – can you believe it?! As we started to hit the halfway point of 2016, I began to think back to something we all tend to forget after the second week of January – New Years resolutions. At the start of the year I wrote an entire blog post on my goals for 2016. I’m treating July like a mid year check-in so here’s how I’ve stacked up to the goals I set way back in January! Drink 4 Bkrs of water a day. […]


3 Ways to Make an Apartment Feel Like Home

I’ve been out of the house now for years. Many years. But even after all these years (and five apartments here in San Francisco) none of my rented spaces have ever felt like a “home.” Yes, even at the age of almost 25, whenever I say “home” I’m still referring to my parent’s house. But I know you feel me. There’s something about rented spaces that don’t really lend to that “homey” feeling – but do they have to feel that way? After moving into my fifth SF apartment I’ve taken measures into my own hands and am creatively coming up with […]